When can you cancel an order?

• You can cancel an order only till the time the order is not shipped. Order cancellation will not be allowed after shipment of order.

Will a cancellation request have any implication on you?

• There will be no cancellation charges or processing fees for the customer upon order cancellation.

When do you get a refund for the cancelled order?

• If the payment was by Credit/ Debit Card, Net-Banking and Digital Wallets, we will refund the money in your respective payment account. Typically, refunds are processed in between 7- 10 working days after order is marked as cancelled.

• Please note that we depend on the credit card issuing bank to ensure refund into your account. We only control release of funds from our side, there is little we can do in case there is a delay from the bank’s end.

What happens to the order post shipping?

• Once order been shipped you have to call Thedupori customer care helpline available at site or write to us on to request cancelation.

• If a cancellation request comes up, we will try to hold the shipment but we cannot guarantee that the cancellation request will be honoured.

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